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thaijameupload | 1-04-2017, 18:41 | 0 | 0
Sid Meiers Civilization VI Persia and Macedon Civilization and Scenario Pack-RELOAD
Release: 03/2017
Genre: Violent, Sports
Developer: V7 Entertainment Inc.
Publisher: V7 Entertainment Inc.
Language: English
Size: 5.78 GB

Alexander leads Macedon and Cyrus leads Persia in Sid Meier's Civilization VI! Macedon's abilities will let you conquer the whole world, and Persia can grow rich and cultured, or launch surprise invasions with incredible ease. These historical adversaries are paired well together, and feature in the new "Conquests of Alexander" scenario. Can you determine the fate of the Near East, and the course of history?
thaijameupload | 1-04-2017, 18:17 | 0 | 0
Mafia III Faster Baby-RELOADED
Release: 03/2017
Genre: Sexual Content, Nudity, Violent, Gore, Action, Adventure
Developer: Hangar 13
Publisher: 2K
Language: English
Size: 44.5 GB

In Sinclair Parish, a rural town west of the Bayou, Sheriff "Slim" Beaumont rules on a platform of fear and violence. When a Civil Rights leader is murdered, and other activists are targeted, Lincoln joins forces with sister-in-arms Roxy Laveau on an explosive mission to expose the town's corrupt underbelly. Engage in high-octane car chases, epic new military-grade combat tactics and seedy operations to bring Slim and his corrupt Sheriff's Department to justice.

Note: This is standalone. You dont need any other release beeing installed. Install it over you existing installed game or just install this, and you got it all.
thaijameupload | 26-03-2017, 01:35 | 0 | 0
Toukiden 2-CODEX
Release: 03/2017
Genre: Action
Language: English
Size: 9.6 GB

Slayers! Go forth and eradicate the Oni menace! Experience the latest hunting action game featuring a dynamic targeted destruction system!
thaijameupload | 26-03-2017, 01:28 | 0 | 0
Emergency Call 112-SKIDROW
Release: 03/2017
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Crenetic GmbH Studios
Publisher: Aerosoft GmbH
Language: English

Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation is an exciting, fully detailed simulation of the eventful life of a big city fire department. It was developed in cooperation with and modelled on the fire brigade of Mülheim, Germany. Mülheim has one of the largest and most modern fire stations in Europe. Particular attention was paid to realism and accuracy in creating the various missions.

Never before has a simulation offered such great level of detail for the fire department vehicles, including and especially the LF24, the fire truck. All of the equipment and functionality have been incorporated. The water tender, turntable ladder and swap body vehicle are also fully functional and available for the virtual fireman. An command vehicle is also included. And of course, equipment can be removed and kept available for later use.

Accidents involving cars and trucks, oil slicks, external and internal fires requiring breathing equipment, these exciting scenarios are randomly generated and promise hours of excitement. The authentic spread of the fires and lifelike, movable fire hoses with realistic handling needed to fight the fire make for an authentic playing experience.

Turn on the emergency lights and sirens and experience one of the world's most exciting professions - the fire brigade. No previous fire simulation has gone to such lengths to provide such depth and realism.
thaijameupload | 26-03-2017, 01:21 | 0 | 0
Release: 03/2017
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, RPG
Developer: Blackturn Ltd
Publisher: Blackturn Ltd
Language: English
Size: 1.03 GB

Runeyana is an RPG that combines Hack and Slash action. It evokes a story of bravery, strength, courage, trust and the desire to overcome destiny. Set in a deep, responsive, huge world, you will explore a beautiful sprawling land gaining the trust of various species scattered throughout the world. As in real life, you will cope with internal racial tensions by obtaining their trust through reputation. Use unique weapons and craft your character in both physical and psychological customisation.
thaijameupload | 19-03-2017, 14:11 | 0 | 0
Lemuria Lost in Space-PLAZA

Lemuria Lost in Space-PLAZA
Release: 03/2017
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: EJRGames
Publisher: EJRGames
Language: English
Size: 3.75 GB

The Lemuria 7 spaceship has been missing for over 70 years.
Now it is back in the Solar System, however there are no crew members on it. It's also unclear how the Lemuria 7 has returned and why it has been seriously damaged.

In Lemuria: Lost in Space, you play as Abrix - the robot with AI that may operate in extreme temperatures, high levels of radiation and that yields weapon and hacking modules in order to explore the whole ship.
thaijameupload | 19-03-2017, 14:05 | 0 | 0
The Tenth Line-PLAZA

The Tenth Line-PLAZA
Release: 03/2017
Genre: Indie, RPG
Developer: Sungazer Software
Publisher: Sungazer Software
Language: English
Size: 497 MB

The Tenth Line is the first commercial game project from Sungazer Software. During your adventure, you'll guide the princess of the tiny nation of Easania, far from home and desperate to escape the clutches of a mysterious cult in hot pursuit. Along with her unusual but reliable companions, you'll explore a vibrant world of humans, beasts, and dragons, all struggling to coexist in the tension following the assassination of the king of the nation of Skyweather. Troubled times are ahead, indeed - the long-prophesied end of the world is fast approaching, and with only her wits, her blade, and her royal upbringing to guide her, can she make it home to her family before the end of days?
thaijameupload | 19-03-2017, 14:01 | 0 | 0

Release: 03/2017
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Parabole
Publisher: Parabole
Language: English
Size: 4.04 GB

October 1970. W. Hamilton, a rich industrialist who owns a hunting manor in Northern Canada, reports several cases of vandalism perpetrated against his property. Unable to find out who dared to commit these acts, Hamilton calls Carl Faubert, a renowned private detective to handle the affair.
In Kona, Carl becomes trapped up in the deep north, engulfed in an unexpected snowstorm, and is unable to find his client -or any other living inhabitant for that matter. The player incarnated detective Faubert, who must shed light on the mysterious events befalling the area.
thaijameupload | 19-03-2017, 13:56 | 0 | 0
The Butterfly Sign Human Error-HI2U

The Butterfly Sign Human Error-HI2U
Release: 03/2017
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Quantum Phoenix Studio , Dennis Esie
Publisher: Quantum Phoenix Studio
Language: English
Size: 10GB

The Butterfly Sign: Human Error is the second chapter of the first person detective video game in which we are playing as a sole survivor of a serious terrorist attack. Protagonist is the only witness of the incident and his fate depends on his memories. That's why he goes in for a desperate measure: he takes the experimental medication called "Rammex", which immerses him in the depths of his mind and makes him accurately recollect a chain of events, which had happened. While wandering through his own memories, the protagonist has to look for evidences and learn bits and pieces to find the guilty persons...
thaijameupload | 19-03-2017, 13:51 | 0 | 0
Waking the Glares-PLAZA

Waking the Glares-PLAZA
Release: 03/2017
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Wisefool Studio
Publisher: Wisefool Studio
Language: English
Size: 2.21 GB

Dawnfall is a lost wanderer who travels in a fragmented universe where time and space are twisted. There is a mysterious voice that guides him in a journey that will bring him to fabulous places, meeting challenges that he never thought he could face and that will allow him to find the way back home.
Dawnfall's life has been messed up by a book. He doesn't know why but somewhere in that book he will find answers to all his questions.
Waking the Glares is a great journey, an exploration-based game that will require the player to pay attention to the environment from a visual and acoustic point of view.
With this release the player will get the first two chapters of Waking the Glares. The complete adventure is intended to be made of seven different chapters and their release will depend on the first release success.